The Creed of Sigma Nu

To believe in the life of love
To walk in the way of honor
To serve in the light of truth
This is the life, the way, the light of Sigma Nu
This is the creed of our fraternity

What our Creed means to the USC Epsilon Omicron Chapter

From acceptance as a Candidate to graduation and beyond, The Creed is an integral part of life as a brother of Epsilon Omicron. More than just a motto, Walter J. Sears’ treasured words guide Sigma Nu brothers through their journey at USC.

LEAD Program

A major part of our Candidate process is our national award-winning LEAD program (Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, and Development Program). LEAD’s objective is to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to become an effective and ethical leader for life. Using a variety of workshops and interactive activities, the candidates systematically learn what it means to be a Sigma Nu and how to hold oneself to a higher standard of ethics. The program is completed by finishing both the Online portion and Facilitated portion and by completing all four Phases of LEAD.

The four phases of LEAD include:

  • Phase I: The Way of Honor

  • Phase II: The Life of Love

  • Phase III: The Light of Truth

  • Phase IV: The End... The Beginning

Sigma Nu U.S.A.

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